Wake boarding May 07 014, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

Since we had some food and drink left over from our canceled Demo Day on May 6th we decided to put it to use this past weekend. Over 15 members (and some soon to be members) gathered at Okeeheelee Park this past Sunday to enjoy the day, try some new boards and eat some food. Yes that is me in the picture above, but there was alot of great riding that day.

From SFWA member Dan Kubes absolutely killing it with huge airs and giant tantrums to soon to be members Bones and Tony showing us the spirit of riding to SFWA members Kyle Robinette and Rob Harding throwing down the wakeskate to SFWA members Rudy Ladicani and David Lively showing their true spirit riding injured (broken rib and hernia surgery, impressive!).

The X-star and Morgan Baer’s X-2 were throwing enormous wakes that would have made the pros jealous. The weather was perfect and the food awesome (big thanks to SFWA “cook”-Mike Baer). It was a great day and a testament to what the association is about. Enjoying the water, friends and food. How can you go wrong?

On a personal note, my son, 6 year old Drew Beno, was so inspired by the day that the next evening he got up on a wakeboard for the first time and rode almost half the length of the lake. (I was one proud daddy-the picture of the little man riding to the left of this post).

If you missed the day don’t worry. This is one of many, we hope to do this at least once a month during the summer. The SFWA is a wakeboard family. More pictures to come of the day but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it out. It was awesome and I am looking forward to more good times.

Shred the South!!