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As promised, each month the SFWA wants to profile one of our members. Again, the idea is to celebrate the lives of our members and learn a little bit about the people in our association. This month I am very excited to present as the June 2007 Member Profile- Scott Stewart. Scott is a laid back, super chill person with an amazing riding style. He recently tried out to be a Ronix Team rider (I don’t want to ruin the article so read on for how it turned out) and is working hard to learn and complete new tricks (I hear he is close to a 1080-Is that true Scott?) So take some time and learn alittle bit about Scott.

Name: Scott Stewart

Age: 21

Years Riding: 8 off/on

Board: In between the Murray 138 and the new Ronix Covin 138

Bindings: In between the byerly and the new Ronix Cell’s

Boat: Coastal’s X-2 team boat

Home Lake: Okeeheelee

Sponsors: Coastal surf and ski, and part sponsorship with Ronix

Favorite Trick: Too many

Hardest Trick to learn: Too many

What are you tying/or do you want to learn now next? I have a sheet of a whole bag of knew tricks that aren’t out yet. But I’m not claiming anything yet, it’s top secret(Ha)

Describe your injury? It has been a long going thing that has gone off and on for 5 years. At first I thought it was a back injury for the first 3 years or so the doctors said. But really all it is, is scar tissue that has built up from my years of skating, snowboarding, and wake boarding since I was 6 years old. So I have been rehabing getting all the areas in my body strong and developing a new way of riding for myself. I am working with great people now who are helping me mentally and physically to get back at the top of my game. I am just taking one day at a time and working hard and not getting ahead of myself. I will be there!

How close are you to 100%? I am at about 70%, so I am going to take one day at a time and I will get there real soon!

Can you describe what it was like to tryout for Ronix? It was cool for sure. I was exited to ride in front of Paul Obrien and Mike Ferraro. They all were super cool, and really nice. I was a little timid not being on top of my game, but they all knew what was up. I rode the first day with mike and everything went O.k, I rode decent for not riding for a half a year, and we were talking at the end of the day and he wanted me to come back for the second day to ride in the boat with Paul. So I was kind of exited to get back on the water to ride another day. The second day I rode O.k and wasn’t to thrilled with my riding that day, but I had fun. At the end of the second day I went to say bye to Paul and he told me what he thought of my riding and it made my year, which to hear from him was a great boost for me, and was exactly what I needed to hear. What he said has inspired me because he has seen all the top guys ride, and it was unbelievable to hear it from him. He sent me a board which was really nice of him. He said he wants me to ride there boards and when I am a hundred and ten percent he said to come up and ride with the boys, Chad, Danny, etc. So I have been rehabing and training really hard everyday and taking one day at a time to get there. And I really want to show them that they can trust in me. So thank Paul and all the guys at Ronix.

Can you describe the feeling when you made the team? Well I didn’t officially make the team. He sent me a board and what me to come up and ride when I am ready with the boys be the deciding factor. Because there team is a close group of friends and They have to approve first. Which I think is a good thing because then everyone on the team will want to ride and hang out together. Which makes sense.

How soon before you can join up with the company and really ride? It’s all up to me and Paul. I am shooting for a.s.a.p.

What are your goals as a rider? To develop myself as far as I can. Train more efficient then anyone out there. Eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. And develop my riding style even more so I do not ride like anyone else out there. I want to push the limits of the sport and get as much progression as I can. Also to get others including families involved in the sport. To show how great of a sport it is and how it can bring the whole family together.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I live my life one day at a time now, and try not to get a head of myself. Hopefully being at peace with life.

Do you have a favorite rider or someone you pattern your riding after? I do not pattern my riding after anyone. I think it is very important to be original. But some riders influence me for sure. Randy Harris is my favorite, and Parks Bonifay of course.

Favorite wake board related memory? The words that Byerly, and Paul Obrien spoke to me.

Finally, what is the best advice you could give a new or intermediate rider? Ride for fun. That is the whole reason for riding is having fun and being with friends and family. No matter how good you get remember that it is for fun. Also believe in yourself and never doubt yourself. Trust in God and believe in yourself. People will always try to put you down or be negative, but never worry about those people they just want company in there misery. Be nice to everyone even if they are not so nice to you. Be strong and enjoy life, the people around you, and you environment. And remember to thank God and your family for the support.

Any last words? I want to thank anyone who has ever helped me. First of all God, my family, friends, everyone at Coastal Surf and Ski, Tommy Phillips, Scott Harwood, Paul Obrien and Ronix, Chris Cristoff, and anyone else who has been there for me. Sorry if I left anyone out I thank all of you for your support. Thanks,