Just a quick update on the association. The next several months are going to be pretty hectic for the club. By the end of this month we will be publishing our first quaterly newsletter (if anyone is interested in writing a piece for the newsletter please contact me ASAP), we are in the process of planning a September event to be held at the Key Lime House in Lantana (nothing set in stone yet but there could be some big riders on their way) and we are in full speed mode planning for our November 17th, year-end tournament (we will be seeking volunteers very soon). In addition, the membership numbers continue to grow. Currently, we have 41 memberships with a total of 78 members. We are fast approaching our goal of 100 members. So join me in welcoming to the club the following: Cassius Cade and family, Mark Roche, Fred Chidsey and family, Victor Vazquez, Donald Hyams and family (including his son Kyle who was on the cover of the May 2007 issue of Alliance Wakeboarding Magazine), Mark Carter, Dannielle Crawford of the WWA and Myles Minns and family.