Jake Davis, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

The first two SFWA member profiles detailed three riders who have (or are on their way to) established themselves to some degree within the wake community. This month’s profile is dedicated to the rest of us, the ones who are just starting out and everyday is our championship. When the SFWA was just a thought, it was people like this month’s member profile participant that we had in mind. The amatuer rider looking for a community of riders within South Florida in which they could grow in the sport and met friends along the way. While it is awesome to have super riders that are killing it in the sport, it is also just as nice to have members who are just starting out. So join me in welcoming the July 07 Member Profile-Jake Davis.

Name: Jake M. Davis

Age: 26

Family Status: Married, no kids.

Occupation: Project Manager and Estimator, Rio-Bak Corporation

College/Sports: Cumberland University in Tennessee. I played four years of football.

Home Lake: Lake Okeechobee

Board: Ronix Vault 144

Bindings: The Ronix “Air Force One’s”

Boat: The godfather’s 2006 Mastercraft X-Star

How long have you been riding?: 7-8 months

Wakeboard or Wakeskate?: Both!!

Behind the Boat or Cable?: Both!!

Self-described skill level: (Editor’s note: This is not a typo, he described himself as a pi sign!)

Favorite Rider: CEJ

Favorite Trick: “The David Lively” as made famous by fellow SFWA member David Lively.

What trick are you working on right now?: Toeside W2W

What got you into wakeboarding?: I guess once I found out how challenging the sport is, I was hooked. Oh, and also when I saw how funny it was to watch someone else eat it.

What do you like most about the sport?: The challenge of throwing down new tricks, and finding those warm spots in the water.

How often do you get to ride?: Well, I’ve probably been out 10-15 times in 7 months, so on average that’s once every 17 days. I like getting out of a groove before I go back on the water. I pretty much have to re-learn everything each time out.

Do you see any parallels between wakeboarding and the college football you played?: Knee braces. I can’t figure out which sport per capita donates more money to orthopedic surgeons and physical trainers.

Any tips for the “big man” who wants to learn to ride?: Go on a diet and hit the weights.

What is the riding about for you?: Having a good time on the water, doing new tricks, watching others land something new for the first time. The experience and stories you have after a day on the water is priceless.

Which do you think is more important, technical tricks or stylish tricks?: For a beginner like myself, I think technicality is a must. Once you’ve got the technical aspect for a trick down, that’s when you throw down the style points. Style separates you from the field. Sure Dr. J and others have dunked from the free throw line, but none have done it with the style that Michael Jordan did. Enough said.

If you could land any trick consistently what would you want it to be?: Wake to wake 360 flip on a wakeskate.

Finally, any words for the other members of the SFWA? If you ain’t first, your last.