Morgan Baer, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

As we do each month, the SFWA takes the time to celebrate one of our members. Up to this point, it has not been without rhyme or reason that we have selected the members to profile. The first two profiles celebrated members who are establishing themselves within the wakeboarding world as top riders, last month we celebrated the members who are just riding to have fun and this month we are going to celebrate a member who also plays a pivtol role in the support of the SFWA. So again, without further ado, join me in celebrating the August 07 Member Profile-Morgan Baer. Many of you know Morgan, but how well do you really know him? Let’s find out…

1. Name

Morgan Michael Baer

2. Age

24, Wish to be older.

3. Married

Yes, Marla is my beautiful wife!

4. Kids (name and age)

Nicole (3) and Riley (1) are my little rippers.

5. Job

Coastal Surf and Ski Shop! Making sure we got the right gear.

6. Wakeboard or wakeskate?

Surf first and foremost. Wakeskate then Wakeboard.

7. Board

Right now the 2007 Ronix 142 Frontier, Daniel Boone Style.

8. Bindings

2007 Ronix Scouts with Raccoon tails!

9. Boat

2006 Mastercraft X2

10. Home Lake

Delray, Lake Ida on weekdays only!

11. How long have you been riding and how did you get into it?

Hmmm, I’ve been riding surfboards/wakeskates behind boats/jetski/cable for 10 years off and on, but really the first time behind a true wake boat was 2 years ago. The beauty is that you can still have a TON of fun on any watercraft, but if you really want to learn the sport well you need a wake boat. I would ride when the surfs flat, what a better way to spend your day in the water.

12. Favorite trick

Wow Wow, who said anything about tricks!……Backside 180.

13. Favorite rider

I do love the way Scott Stewart rides. He really makes it look really fun and easy.

14. What trick are you working on right now?

Backside 360, I have landed one, but we don’t count it until I can land at least 2 in one day, then I can claim that trick. I really want to land a wake to wake backside 180 on a wakeskate and a kickflip.

15. You have been very instrumental in starting the SFWA, both from a personal standpoint and as a sponsor, what do you hope the association can accomplish over the next several years?

First, Jimmy Beno is the man when it comes to getting things done! I do want to see wakeboarding comps and demos here in South Florida more. This association has the capability, with its great group of members and volunteers we can bring this awesome outdoor sport to more families and younger generations.

16. In a broader sense and as someone in the industry so to speak, where do you see wake sports right now and in the future?

I love seeing competition, really to push the sport with new tricks and it will give riders some achievement, but I really think the sport will be pushed more in the demos and gatherings of local communities. They will be non competitive, but more to just ride and have fun in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Give the younger kids something to not only look up to, but also take part in.

17. Coastal surf and ski-tell us about it. How long have you been around? Any big plans for the future?

We opened July 1st, 2005. I am blessed to have such a great family to work with. The work atmosphere for me is amazing. Our plans are to keep truck’n. We are super blessed with this business and each day we are learning something new.

18. As someone who works with and rides with his family, how important and supportive have they been in your wakeboarding experiences?

Man, to have a wife that not only comes out on the boat with my two kids (1 and 3) but also loves to ride (and rips) makes the whole experience that much better. My parents also love the water. They are the ones that started the whole cycle. Since I was a baby I have been on boats and in the water. My dad skis, although a knee injury has him sidelined a little while. I just hope to share this same closeness with my kids that my parents have with me. Nicole and Riley both love the water and are awesome little swimmers.

19. Favorite wakeboarding experience?

The day I learned how to land a pop shuv on a wakeskate.

20. Any advice for new riders?

Go out and have fun, try not to get to frustrated when you are learning. Everyone had to learn at some point.

21. Any thing you would like to say to the members?

Anytime you want a pull don’t hesitate to ask, I may not always be available, but I will try. However, I definitely know of someone that will want to ride…Jimmy.