Well, we are going to try it again and hopefully mother nature cooperates with us this time. On SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 at the SkiRixen Cable Park located in Deerfield Beach, Florida from 3:00pm until 7:00pm we will host a SFWA membership meeting. If you are a member of the SFWA, this meeting is a must as we will be discussing our November 17, 2007 event-“Pros and Joes”. It is imperative that you come to this meeting as we will be discussing several issues including volunteering and the overall concept. If you are not a member of the SFWA, come check us out. See what we are about and enjoy some time with fellow riders.

The schedule is going to be just like last time and is as follows:

3:00pm-4:00pm Membership Meeting to discuss the November 17th Pros and Joes Event

4:00pm-5:00pm Food, Fellowship and streching for those who need it (Morgan). Once again, we will cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers under the pavillion located next to the skatepark.

5:00pm-7:00pm Cable Park riding!!!!!

For those of you that didn’t make the first meeting or left during the rain, there are a few pointers regarding the cable park.

1. You need to bring your own board if you plan to hit the sliders and kickers. The SkiRixen boards (which are very limited) are not allowed to be used on the sliders.

2. You need a helmet to hit the sliders and kickers. You must provide your own helmet as they are not renting helmets any longer.

3. You must bring your life jacket.

In general, if you want to ride you need to bring everything necessary to do so. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there, again there is a limit to the number of riders (roughly twenty-five) so it is first come first serve. Cost to members will be $10 and $20 to non-members, also paid up front.

So if you have read to this point, let me give you a little teaser/spoiler relating to the November event. Below is the logo for the event.


In additon, we have three confirmed riders with the following initials-K.L. S.B. A. R.

See you at the event if you want to know more. Until then,

Shred the South!!!!