The next couple of months are going to be hectic for our association. With November 17, 2007 fast approaching our first wakeboard tournament is right around the corner. “Pros and Joes” is going to be our coming out party so to speak; our announcement to the wakeboarding world that South Florida is back in the game for good. The planning for the event is going great, I am so excited to tell you the progress we have made when we meet for our September 8, 2007 membership meeting at SkiRixen. I really hope to see you there because this will be our best opportunity to meet and discuss the event. If you can be there, please do so-alot of information will be shared this day and I don’t want anyone to miss out.

In addition to our membership meeting and planning for our event, the SFWA will be represented at the upcoming Surf and Wake Expo in Orlando on September 15, 2007. This is a big event where vendors and other organizations gather to view 2008 merchandise. It will be a great opportunity to get the SFWA’s name out. I will have pictures of the event that I will share when we get back. It should be interesting.

Finally, we are in the process of working on a big project that is going to be a huge step forward for wakeboarding in South Florida. I wish I could say more right now but it is too early in the process. Everything is going forward as planned and I hope to have a huge announcement at the tournament regarding this matter, if not prior. I apologize for the “hush hush” but I promise if it works out right everyone will be very happy.

So to close let me give you a membership update. Remember our goal is 100 members. Right now we have 50 memberships that equate to 96 members-4 short. If you have friends that ride and haven’t joined now is the time. Joining our association since the last update has been Vernon Jones, Jr., Tracy Hyde, James Seifert, Lori Frisard, Glennon Brown, Daniel Henderson, Eric Gliner and family, and Mike aka “the angry wakeboarder ” Alliot. As always, join me in welcoming our newest members.

Please continue to check the website often as I plan to do more updates as we get closer to the tournament. Our official announcement will come right after September 15, 2007. So check back and don’t be afraid to leave comments.