Dan Kubes on the Double Up, originally uploaded by, SFWAKE

Things have been busy with the SFWA as of late, between planning for the November tournament (Proes and Joes-look for the official announcement next week), planning for the September 8th, 2007 Membership meeting and preparing for Surf Expo in Orlando, I almost forgot the September 07, Member Profile. I did not want to do that so I quickly searched for a member with some free time to fill in the answers to some questions for me. The September 07 Member Profile belongs to Dan Kubes. Dan is a perfect example of what the SFWA is all about. After reading his answers I think you will see that he is passionate about the sport and about our organization. Dan is a very smooth rider and is gifted with a natural ability. I am proud to profile him this month as he is both a SFWA member and a good friend (but not good enough that I would give him a whole month-sorry Dan). So enjoy the Q & A. Without further ado:

Name: Dan Kubes

Age: 23

Family Status: Single

Hometown: Prior Lake, Minnesota

Occupation: Service Tech, Braman Motorcars

College: Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix

Home Lake: Okeeheelee Park

Current Board: Ronix One 142

Current Bindings: Ronix Ones

Board and Binding Set you learned on?: 1996 Dan Shapiro Pro Model, Directional with the fins and all.

Boat: 2006 Mastercraft X-Star

How long have you been riding?: Off and on since 1996. Seriously, for the past nine months.

Wakeboard or Wakeskate?: Wakeboard

Behind the Boat or Cable?: Boat

Self-described skill level: Novice

Favorite Rider: Keith Lyman

Favorite Trick in sport: Off Axis 540

Favorite Trick you can throw?: Heelside Method grab to late 180

What trick are you working on right now?: Backroll

What got you into wakeboarding?: Snowboading was a big influence and it was a way to extend the winter season in Minnesota. Similar ride, easy transition.

What do you like most about the sport?: The people, fellowship, being outside and the fact that everyone can express themselves in different ways and styles.

How often do you get to ride?: Once or twice a week.

What has the SFWA meant to you thus far? It has meant a lot, it has kept me in South Florida. New friends, a chance to ride. Like a family away from my family.

Are you going to ride in the SFWA “Proes and Joes” event? Yes

If yes, do you have your run planned out? Not completing, a work in progress.

Where would you like to see the SFWA go in the next couple of years? I would like it to become a profitable organization so I could get a job and do nothing but wakeboarding.

Any tips for the person who wants to learn to ride?: Try it, get out there behind a boat and just get it a shout. You have to try it.

What is the riding about for you?: Break from my routine lifestyle.

Which do you think is more important, technical tricks or stylish tricks?: Stylish tricks, it is what seperates good riders from excellent riders.

If you could land any trick consistently what would you want it to be?: Off Axis 540

Finally, any words for the other members of the SFWA? Get involved, the organization is growing and the more we can all do the better.