surfexpo9, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

Well we are back from the 2007 Surf Expo held in Orlando this past week.   For those of you that aren’t familiar with the event,  Surf Expo has been held since 1976, and it is where manufacturers and retailers in the surf, skate, water sports, and swim industries have come together in a business-first buying and selling environment.   Board manufactors often unveil their ’08 products at this event.  It was a unique experience with alot of things happening at once.  The picture you see above is from the Byerly booth.  His boards were amazing and the booth really had a cool feeling to it with an artist painting some Byerly type designs.  You know I think if Byerly sticks with it, he may have a future in wakeboarding and wakeskating :)

We were able to view all the new ’08 products but I didn’t do a good job with the pictures.  I forgot my camera, so the few pictures you see are from my phone.   Sorry about that!  I can report that Liquid Force has some amazing boards coming out this year, from their wakeboards to wakeskates I think they really have it dialed in this year.  The graphics on the new Shawn and PS3 are very smooth and the their new flexboard really looks and feels amazing.  In addition, I wakeskate and I was really impressed with the look of the new Controls. 

Besides Liquid Force I thought Hyperlite really did a good job as well.  Their boards from top to bottom looked great.  I had hoped to see the new Ronix boards but their setup was at the OWC and I didn’t make it out there (invitation only). 

Besides that we did get some association work done,  we picked up a new sponsor for the November tournament (InfiniSpin, check out their website, I tried their product first hand and it was pretty amazing, ), we worked through the insurance issues of the tournament with the WWA and we picked up a few new riders for the event (some guy by the name of Keith Lyman).

So check out the few photos I got and check back this week as we are formally announcing the event this week.  We are super excited and I think you will be as well.