Team Greenwood-Winners of the first Pros and Joes Wakeboard Fest.
Pictured from Left to Right-Nathan Brown, Ben Greenwood, Jeffrey Skulnik
and Travis Cook.

Wow!!! That is all I can say-Wow!!! What an unbelievable time we had this past weekend at the first Pros and Joes event. The weather was perfect, the water was glass, the riding (both the pros and the joes) was amazing, the turnout was incredible and most importantly, wakeboarding and wakeskating made a triumphant return to South Florida and Palm Beach County. I have a lot to report but before I get into the stories of the day enjoy the following photos. We have many more pictures coming in the next days and weeks with a video of the entire day not far behind. Once you finish viewing the pictures click the link at the end of the photos to read about the event.

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Video and much better photos of the riders coming!!

Where to start? First and foremost I want to thank everyone involved in the event. From our sponsors (please make sure to visit our sponsors page and show them some love by visiting their websites), to SFWA member Wes “Mantooth” Jenks for use of his house Friday night for the BBQ, to Jim and Judy Beno for cooking Friday night, to the pro riders who came out, to the joe riders who traveled from as far as England to compete (yes, you read that right-England), to Jena Beno and Sheila for running the SFWA booth, to the many other volunteers who assisted, to Zane Schwank for the use of his unbelievable Mastercraft X-Star, to Marcos Moran of Gatorbait Wakeboarding School for driving the boat all day long, to Mike Baer aka Dock Commander, to David Lively and Scott Harwood for their work as MCs all day, to everyone else who came out to enjoy the event. I also want to personally thank Morgan Baer for his help and dedication to getting this event done. Morgan and I spent a lot of nights huddled over my dining room table trying to get this event “just right” without him it never would have happened.

The event could only be described as a huge success. The crowd at any time throughout the day was between 300-350 and I imagine by the time you factor in the number of people who came and went we probably came close to 1,000 visitors. The weather truly was perfect and the water was close to glass all day long. Our sponsors displayed the newest and best of their upcoming product lines and families with children could enjoy the carnival games, bounce house and dunk tank. Everything was perfect!!!

The event begin with a huge bang as Nick Taylor took the first run of the day and landed a Toeside Backside 3 on a wakeskate. Nick set the mood both with his run and with his attitude (look for him in the upcoming Volume Wakeskate Video #6-early reports are he does some never before seen things in this video) this kid is amazing. From there the riding was just incredible all day. The line between pro and amatuer was close. At the end of the day the finals came down to Team Greenwood featuring Ben Greenwood, Nathan Brown, Jeffrey Skulnik and Travis Cook vs Team Henshaw featuring Kevin Henshaw, Nathan Schneider, Justin Beale and Steel Lafferty. When the riding was finished Team Greenwood took the crown with a final score of 129 to 126. Each joe on the winning team was presented with a brand new 2008 Liquid Force wakeboard and a set of 2008 Liquid Force bindings.

In addition to the team event, prizes were handed out for best trick and “best” crash. Best Trick was awarded to joe Travis Cook for a huge S Bend that had the judges super-stoked. This was one of many tricks that Travis threw that could have been picked but the S Bend was amazing and won Travis $150. “Best” Crash went to Steel Lafferty for his attempt at a backside 720, unfortunately for Steele it was a backside 690 to face plant. I hurt thinking about this fall (as I type this I cringed). Steel was ok and for his trouble picked up a cool $150.

At the end of the day the event was amazing. The pro riders were incredible-I can’t say thank you enough to these riders. Each of them came out and was super cool. Without them the event wouldn’t have been what it was. To see them stoked about the event and to stay until the very end when they had another event in Homestead that evening really meant a lot. A special thank you to Nick Taylor, Ben Greenwood, Kevin Henshaw, Colin Harrington, Zane Schwank (his slurpee trick in person is so sick), Tara Hamilton, George Daniels, Jimmy LaRiche, Kyle Hymes and Aaron Reed.

Also thank you to the joes, each of which I feel competed like a pro: Dustin Johnson, Alex Czajkowski, Dan Kubes, Travis Innella, Morgan Pedersen, Paul Murray, Brandon Wood, Chad Annalora, Steven Hulsey, Reid Garner, Steven Leighton, Travis Cook, Jame Young, Kyle Grondzik, Troy Wynne, Chelsea Rioux, Chad Fischman, Rudy Ladicani, Jeffrey Skulnik, Nathan Brown, Nathan Schneider, Justin Beale, James Pathman, Lisa Pathman and Steel Lafferty.

This event was great and it has me stoked about the future of our sport in this area. This is the beginning of something big in this area and I can’t wait to keep it going. The SFWA will host this event again next year but we aren’t waiting until then for another event. On January 6th, 2008 we will be having a demo event at the Key Lime House in Lantana, Florida. Stay tuned more details to come.

Finally, if you were at the event either as a participant or spectator please leave a comment on this blog and let us know what you thought of it. If you have pictures you want to send in, please do so. Just mail them to .

Thanks again to everyone-WOW!!!!

Jimmy Beno, President