The end of the year has arrived and the wakeboarding/wakeskating season has drawn to a close for most of us (is there really a season end in South Florida?). The SFWA has been a success this year in most part to each of our members. To help celebrate a wonderful year of riding and fellowship the SFWA is go to end the year with a Holiday Giveaway of a brand new 2006 Gator Board Duece Pop 41 Wakeskate (as pictured above). So how do you win? It is pretty simple, click the link below to read on….

As an organization one thing that the SFWA is really going to push next year is member participation. Participation in events, participation in the newsletter and participation in the website-that is the basis for this event. In order to win this board our members will have to participate via the website with their own wakeboarding/wakeskating videos. We know that each of you have that special video of your riding that you are anxious to share with the world, now is that time. Send your video (or a link to your video) to me at by January 21st, 2008. The top video will win the board but the top five videos will be showcased on the website (complete with a website interview).

Judging of the videos will be based on the overall presentation of the video regardless the skill level of the riders in the video; again top video wins the board valued at $200. So what are you waiting on-send that video in or dust off those old clips and make a new video. You have a chance to win a new board or at the very least show off your video style.

This giveaway is for SFWA members only but if you are not a member then don’t hesitate to join the over 125+ South Florida riders who have done so already. Membership is simple and cheap. Don’t wait be apart of the wake movement in South Florida.

Here are some specs on the wakeskate as detailed on
2006 Gator Board Duece Pop 41 <
Length-104.14 cm/41.00 in<
Mid Width-40.00cm/15.75 in
Rocker-5.33 cm/2.10in
Rocker Type-Progressive Three-stage
Surface Material-Grip Tape
Construction-Top is wood, bottom is polyuretane core
Company Comments-After a long season of testing, we have found the ultimate mix of fiberglass weave that provides torisional stiffness. The team wanted the energy and pop of longitundal glass strands. The perfect combination of which is why GB compression skates are a level above the rest. Gators Boards is proud to present our first bi-level wakeskate. With a compression molded bottom deck and a top wood deck, this board will make for some fun days on the water.