Hello everyone, I hope you are recovering from the holiday season and the beginning of the new year. Hopefully life is getting back to normal. On my end, things are getting back to normal and I am getting back into the flow of things after a very hectic couple of weeks. With that in mind, I am proud to present the Jan./Feb 08 Member Profile-Mike Alliot. Mike was a pretty easy choice for the profile because of his passion for the sport. Mike is dedicated and focused when it comes to wakeboarding and his passion is easy to see. He is a great motivator and a reminder of what is great about this sport. I am honored to have Mike as a part of the SFWA. Read on after the break and get to know him, you will be glad you did.


Name – Mike Alliot

Nicknames- “Angry Mike” (Editor’s note: Mike’s dedication to the sport can show in his riding sometimes as he can be so focused he appears “angry” hence the nickname).

Age-Older than most wakeboarders that I ride with.


Wakeboard or Wakeskate? – Wakeboarding

How long have you been riding? – Summer 2007

Your self-described skill level? – Beginner

Favorite board and bindings? – Hyperlite Premier

Favorite rider? – Rusty Malinowski – I’m heavier than most of the guys I ride with and it’s good to see a heavier pro tear it up.

Favorite trick? – The classic Raley! Or any variation

What trick are you currently working on? –Any grab variations on my wake-to-wakes

What, if any, other sports do you play or hobbies do you have?- Mountain biking. Snowboading when I can

What does wakeboarding mean to you? – Fun!!

People describe you as “passionate” about your activities, do you think that is true and if so how does that help you progress in the sport? – When I like something I definitely lock onto it and don’t let go until I accomplish my goals. I think this does help me progress quickly, but it is usually at the sacrifice of something else which can be a negative.

As a beginner rider, what is the best advice you have received that has helped progress your riding? – Lean back so you don’t faceplant!

Advice you could give a new rider? – See #14

What is your favorite wakeboarding memory? – My first wake-to-wake with a grab!

Where would you like to see the SFWA go over the next year? – Continued support from SFWA members. We need to keep this going. The “Pros and Joes” event had a great turn-out. We need to keep that spirit alive by supporting the SFWA.

Do you think that sports like wakeboarding crossover to the business world and if so why?- What! What have you been smoking, no business talk, just riding!!

Dream vacation? – Snowboarding or wakeboarding? –Heli-boarding trip in either Alaska or Canada.

Anything you would like to say to the SFWA members?- Get out and ride and support the SFWA!