SFWA Giveaway, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

Well, the first SFWA giveaway didn’t exactly go as planned. I am not sure if it was because of the holidays or if no one has video of their riding or if no one wanted this board, but there is no winner of the board because no one entered the contest. It is a little disappointing, not because I wanted to give the board away but because I really wanted to showcase some of our members and their riding. That will happen one day but not today. Anyway, don’t fret, I am giving this board away to someone. At our membership meeting on February 23rd at Okeeheelee Park, I will raffle this board off. Tickets will be $1 with the proceeds going back into the SFWA for future events. So come out, enjoy the day and maybe walk away with a free wakeskate. P.s. the raffle will be open to everyone, so bring friends who may be interested in joining the SFWA and let them see what it is all about. For details on the board, go down about two posts and check it out. See you there!!!