Thanks to everyone who was able to come out to the SFWA membership meeting this past Saturday at Okeeheelee Park. It was exciting to spend time with approximately 20 or so members as we planned the upcoming year. After the break, I will give a recap of the meeting but I wanted to use this space to talk about two things. First Congratulations to the Juan Diego Pineda (pictured above) for winning the Gator Board Duece Pop wakeskate. As indicated in a previous post, we held a random raffle drawing for the wakeskate and Juan was the lucky winner. Again, congratulations Juan (on a side note Juan also volunteered to be the SFWA Technology Chairman in charge of videos and photos at upcoming events-Yeah Juan!!!!!). Second, as an organization we also made repairs to the docks at Okeeheelee Park. Someone had burnt a hole through the docks and we repaired them. Click on the more photos links to the left of the home page to see photos of the repairs. Now on to the meeting summary.


The meeting was held to focus on three main issues:

1. The use of Okeeheelee Park-The SFWA has been working with Palm Beach County and the SkiClub of Palm Beaches to revisit the use and rules associated with Okeeheelee Park. I am proud to say we are making progress but the details aren’t such to be published yet. Stay tuned for more information on this matter.

2. Upcoming Events-Are plan is to have two events this year. One in June/July that will be a pool/rail jam at Okeeheelee Park, the second is our Pros and Joes event in November (Bigger and Badder this year). We are excited about these events but….

3. Fundraising-With the events forthcoming, fundraising is going to be huge. It is imperative that if you have a business or know someone who does, see what you can do to get some sponsorship dollars. The June event will cost the association upwards of 6k, the Pros and Joes- 13k.

Finally, if anyone has plans for a slider/rail contact me as soon as possible.