The 15th Annual WestFest Land and Sea Festival was held this past weekend and the SFWA was proud to represent wake sports. The turnout was incredible both days and those who attended were treated to some amazing riding. I want to thank SFWA members Justin B., Dan “Kobeyoshi”, Kyle “I didn’t forget you” G., Marcos Moran of Gatorbait Wakeboarding Schools, Nathan S., Angry Mike, Wakeskater Mike, Rudy L. and Brandon S./family for attending, riding, driving and making our participation possible (also a shout out to their girlfriends for giving up their weekends to let their guys ride-My wife Jena, Monique, Sheila and Christine). These events are so critical to introducing new people to the sport and I think it was a huge sucess.

We did a total of six “shows”, three each day. The video shows the riding of the 2:00 show on Sunday afternoon. Sorry for the grainy quality but it is youtube. These guys killed it and it was a great example of what our members can do. Enjoy the video (on a side note the music is Metallica, a special shout out to my brother who loves them and is serving our Country in the U.S. Navy-he is a SEAL!!! Thanks Bro!!).

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming events.