The May 2008 Membership Profile is an exciting one to post and present to our members. This individual has been described in Wakeboarding Magazine as an “Up and Coming Rider” and his sponsor (Nike 6.0) recently provided him with the sickest Mastercraft X-Star I have ever seen (see the photo above). I am excited to present Steel Lafferty as the May 2008 Member Profile. Steel’s riding is sick. For those of you that attended the November SFWA Pros and Joes event you were able to see him ride and kill it. Steel is the future of wakeboarding and that future is bright. The SFWA is proud to call Steel and his family members of our organization. Enjoy the Q&A.

Name: Steel Lafferty
Age: 15
Wakeboard or Wakeskate: wakeboard
Board: LF witness
Bindings/Shoes: LF Vantage
Boat: Master Craft, X-star
Home Lake: Crystal Lake and Lake June
How often do you ride? Whenever I can. But generally 3 times a week
Favorite Rider: Benny G, Randall Harris, Shaun Murray and Shawn Watson
Favorite Trick: Back 5
Sponsors: Nike 6.0, Liquid Force, Straightline, Mastercraft, O’Town, Performance, J.R Watersports
Technical or Style?: Style for sure!
Other interests beside wake activities?: friends, trampoline, family

1. How did you get into wakeboarding? How long have you been riding? I got into wakeboarding when my dad brought a board home from Sports Authority and said it was the new cool thing and it just clicked with me. I have been riding seriously for about 5-6 years.
2. How supportive has your family been in the sport? At this age in any sport it would be extremely difficult to succeed with out a really supportive family behind you Which I have 24/7. They have hauled me all over the country and the world with an awesome and encouraging attitude towards my riding.
3. Recently Nike had your X-star wrapped with a new design what has it been like riding for Nike, a company just getting into the wake industry? It is so sick. Nike 6.0 has treated the team all so well and has adapted to the action sports industry supper fast and extremely well. Also to top it off Nike 6.0 has produced the dopest boat wrap and shoe product have ever seen. So, to sum it all up, they are amazing.
4. Recently you were also featured in Wakeboard Mag as an “Up and coming Rider”, does publicity like this put pressure on you and if so how do you handle it? No not at all. It actually makes me feel better about my riding and boosts my spirits so I actually ride better.
5. What are your plans/goals for the upcoming year? This next year I am just planning on having as much fun as possible and to trying to podium on tour.
6. You participated in the SFWA’s Pros and Joes this past November, was that a good experience for you and do you think the more laid back format was enjoyable or do you prefer the more competetive format of an actual tournament? I like a combination of both. Too much of one or the other would just get boring. The tournament was sick. The mix of competition and fun was perfect.
7. Have you completly recovered from you crash in that event? (Editor’s note: Steel wasn’t really hurt at the event in fact, he killed it at the event but did win best crash on I believe a toeside 7 or 9 attempt). Yes I have, but it was a real head banger. It was actually on a backside 7
8. Do you think organizations like the SFWA (grassroots) have an important role to play in helping to grow the sport or do you see things being more mainstream? Yea for sure, I am super stoked for what SFWA is doing in the sport. The gravel tour in Orlando put on by Performance Is what got me really stoked on wakeboarding. If it weren’t for the grass root tournaments Im not sure I would have moved on to Nationals, Worlds and the Junior Men tour.
9. Any advice for new riders? What’s your best tip? Best tip is just have fun. I know you here it all the time but it’s the truth.
10. Finally, anyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior because if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be were I am today. I would also like to thank my Mom, Dad, and brothers for all the support and encouragement. Also my Coach Glen Fletcher for the best advice and all my sponsors. Nike 6.0, Mastercraft, Liquid force boards and clothing, Straight Line, Performance, O’Town and J.R. Watersports.