May 22, 2008-Hey everyone!!  Just wanted to share some photos of a slider that we have been working on for the upcoming Wake-n-Skate Rail Jam.  As I hope you already know, the SFWA is hosting a rail jam event on June 21st and 22nd in West Palm Beach at Okeeheelee Park to feature four different sliders.  Each slider will test the riders in a variety of different ways.  The sliders are all currently under construction but I wanted to show you photos of this one in particular. The reason being is that after the event Palm Beach County is allowing us to keep one of the sliders in Lake Okeeheelee for good.  For right now it has to be the most mellow slider of the group but that is good in the sense that everyone from beginners to advance can have some fun on it.   Remember we are an all inclusive club so this slider fits that theme. The progress has been good and we hope to have it in the water by next Tuesday (May 26, 2008).  We are building it in such a way that we can add an extentsion on it later.  But for now this is what is allowed and it should be fun.  Some specifications for the slider (for those of you into that sort of thing) Three feet tall from the water,six foot wide top deck, Thirty foot length and an eight foot angled wall ride.  Here are some photos.  As we finish it up this week I will post more pictures for you to view.  Enjoy.

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June 21st and 22nd!

The South Florida Wakeboarding Association (SFWA) is excited to announce the “Wake –n- Skate” wakeboarding/wakeskating rail jam event to be held on June 21st and 22nd, 2008 at Okeeheelee Park, 7715 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33413.

The event is designed to give amateur and professional wakeboarders/wakeskaters in South Florida the opportunity to compete against other like competitors on a series of rails designed to test both their skills and style. The SFWA is dedicated to make this an event that will attract both hard-core wake enthusiasts and the casual observers. It will be a two-day event starting on both days at 10 a.m. and lasting until roughly 6 p.m. We will be marketing the event aggressively and expect a large crowd throughout the day (past events organized by the SFWA have drawn crowds of over 1,100 people throughout each day). The SFWA members will staff the event with our membership of approximately 150 people.

The event will be unique to this area and will incorporate four rails (sliders). The rails will be constructed by the SFWA (with the sponsorship money raise for the event) and are designed to be a true test of the rider’s abilities. In general, the rails are long rectangular shaped “boxes” on which the riders will slide across on their boards. From there the can exit the rails with numerous variations of flips, spins and board tricks. The riding will be split between male and female riders, wakeboarding and wakeskating, and amateur and professionals. Day one of the event will consist of “heats” that will help reduce the field. Day two will be the “finals” competition with the riders competing for various prize monies. The event is expected to draw riders from throughout the state of Florida with approximately 50-75 competing.

Obviously, a whole day can not be made from just the water activities; there must be “land” events also to keep the event going during the down times of the wake-related activities. As for the dry land portion of the event, the park will be host to a number of events. Most importantly it will be a showcase for the many events sponsors. It will be host to vendor products and will give the event participates the opportunity to get a hands-on look at some of the newest and most interesting products on the market. There will be giveaways, raffles and other events (autograph booths, etc.) for those not riding behind or enjoying the pro demos.

Registration is Open!