It is simple, you can’t mess with Mother Nature!


It was exicting to see everyone come out for the membership meeting on Saturday. It was by far the best attended membership meeting event we have had to date (upwards of thirty plus members). It is just exciting to think about the direction that this organization is going!!! Unfortunately we weren’t able to ride Saturday because of storms and lighting in the area but it did give us the opportunity to interact with each other and talk about the upcoming event. However, as stated Mother Nature did win out and we had to leave early under dark skies, heavy, heavy rain and lighting. So at this point in the day the score was SFWA 0, Mother Nature 1.

On my way home via the turnpike, I passed by Okeeheelee Park to see, to my horror, our newly constructed slider flipped upside down and destroyed. It appears that the storm that cancelled our meeting had wind gust upwards of 70mph. These gusts coupled with the plywood “kite” we had constructed and not tied down equaled destruction. SFWA 0, Mother Nature 2. As you can see from the pictures, the slider was destroyed. The 2x4s split like toothpicks and my heart broken by the sight.
However, not to be defeated, we were immediately back at it on Sunday (nine hours) and Monday (three and half hours) and the results were fantastic. We were able to rebuild the slider but this time stronger, straighter and in record time. I must say thank you to SFWA Members, Mike Baer, Morgan Baer, Mike Alliot and Justin Beale for their work on this. We would still be looking at a destroyed slider if not for these guys (also a thank you to their wives/girlfriends-Michele, Jena, Jess, Marla– for letting them come out on a holiday weekend!!). As you can see from the pictures we are back to being whole. If all goes as planned we hope to install the slider by this Friday and sliding like crazy on Saturday.
So again, Mother Nature is a powerful force but in the end teamwork always pays off. Hope you enjoy the photos and update. –Jimmy