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The Final Results . . . ManyThanks . . . and more:

The SFWA 2008 Wake-n-Skate Rail Jam is in the books and by all accounts was a huge success. The weather did not cooperate but we were able to work around it and get in two great days of rail riding. The event hosted 45 of the areas finest wakeboarders and wakeskaters and they did not disappoint the crowd in attendance at the event.

Before I jump into the recap of the event. I want to thank some
people and groups that made this all possible. First to our sponsors-the SFWA
events are sponsor driven and without them, these events would never happen
so a big thank you to following: Coastal Surf and Ski, Red Bull, JR Watersports
(Mastercraft), Delray Beach Chevrelot, Spy Optics, Nu Wakeskates, Just-In-Time
Window Tinting, Tuxedo Gourmet, Apple of His Eye Teacher Supplies, Jenks Reality,
and Stigmata Clothing. Each of these sponsors participated in some manner throughout
the event.

Next a quick thank you to a couple of people that without them the event would have never been possible: Morgan, Michelle, Mike and Marla Baer (these guys do so much for the SFWA through Coastal that I could never say thank you enough), Mike Wood and his family (Same can be said about JR Watersports, their commitment to the SFWA has been wonderful), “Angry” Mike Alliott and his lovely girlfriend Jessica, Juan Pineda, Justin Beale, Scott Stuart, Wes “Mantooth” Jenks, Kevin Vorce, Mike “G” Garbarino, Nathan Schneider, Dan “Kobeyoshi” Kubes, Sheila Anderson all the people that helped water down the sliders and all the people that helped drive the jetskis during the event. Also most importantly my wife, Jena, who had to deal with me being gone from the house every night for the last three weeks finishing up the sliders and getting ready for the event.

Ok as for the event. I think it was amazing and not just because yours truly
made it to the semifinals of amatuer wakeskating (shameless self-pride I know).
We saw sick riding in all levels of the event and great fellowship amongst
all the competitors. In the end it was what an event should be about, the skill
level of the riders, fun, fellowship, making new friends and celebrating times
with old ones.

The event was two days with Saturday serving as qualifying.
In the Pro Wakeboard Division we had seven participants of which five compete
in the finals on Sunday. In the Amatuer Wakeboard Division we had fourteen
participants of which eight went on to the semifinals, followed by four in
the finals on Sunday. In the Amatuer Wakeskate Division had thirteen participants
of which eight went on to the semifinals, followed by four in the finals on
Sunday. Finally in the Pro Wakeskate Division we had eleven participants with
seven making it to the finals on Sunday.

After the dust settled, we had the
following winners with the following prizes:

1. Pro Wakeboard Division

1st Place-Alex Peschl-$500
2nd Place-Wes Jenks-$100

2. Amatuer Wakeboard Division

1st Place-Noah Flegel-$350 (By the way Noah is 10 years old, remember this
2nd Place-Max Gronosky-A pair of Spy Optic Sunglasses valued at $110

3. Pro Wakeskate Division

1st Place-Kyle Hyams-$600 (He destroyed it)
2nd Place-Danny Robbins-Bi-Level Nu Wakeskate

4. Amatuer Wakeskate Division

1st Place-Keith Ricklick-$350
2nd Place-Mike Garbarino-Single Level Nu Wakeskate

Again, another awesome event and it has me excited about this year’s Pros and Joes (mark your calendars
now November week prior to Thanksgiving). Also be sure to go to
and check out the photos of the this event. Also if you have photos, add them.

Talk to you soon – Jimmy Beno