The 2009 SFWA Pros and Joes Wake event is complete and we are proud to say it was huge success.  The weather was perfect as the temperature hovered around 85 degrees all day with a slight breeze and clear skies.  The crowd was amped with an estimate of almost 1,000 spectators filtering through the event throughout the course of the day.  The vendors and sponsors put on an excellent show as they displayed the latest and greatest products.  Finally, and probably most important, the riding from both the pros and the Joes was unbelievable.   This is the fourth event hosted by the SFWA and with each event the bar is raised and the level of riding showcased is both impressive and a testament to the level of talent in South Florida.

From a Pro standpoint, this year’s group of riders was the most accessible of any group we have ever had.  All day the pros spent time with their team, signed autographs and were generally available to anyone interested in meeting and talking with them.  We even had a few guest MC in the announcer’s booth (thanks Nick).    The pros this year included Nick Taylor, Andrew Adkison, JD Webb, Shawn Watson, Captain Jeff Skulnik, Scott Stewart, Adam Errington, Steele Laugherty, Jeff House, and Zane Schwenk.  These guys killed it behind the boat.  The level of riding was unbelievable, from clean wake to wake 3’s by Nick Taylor, to a massive 313 by Andrew Adkison to a huge 900 by JD Webb.  These guys could have taken the event easy but instead they threw it down and for that we are extremely grateful.  Without the pro riders this event is average, with the pros riders, it is something special.  Our hats go off to each of these guys and they are welcomed back every year.

On the Joes side of things, I can’t stress enough how impressive the riding was at this year’s event.  Let me tell you, there are some up and coming riders that will be household names one day in this sport.  The names of Noah Flegel, Kyle Evans, Brad Spencer, Tracy Baynham, Robby Holihan and so many others are names you need to remember.  They will be the next group of pros at this event one day (hopefully they don’t forget the SFWA).   With this being the third year of the event, many of these riders have participated each year so to watch their growth as riders has been a unique and exciting experience.    In the end, the team of Jeff House which included Kyle Evans, Travis Cook and Robby Holihan barely edged out the team of Andrew Adkison which included Dan Kubes, Nathan Schneider and Brad Spencer for this year’s title (the full list of final standings can be seen below).

Finally, we must give a big tip of the hat to all those who helped make the event a success.  Without our volunteers and sponsors, it just would not be possible to have this event so, thanks to:  Morgan, Marla, Michele and Mike Baer, Jena Beno, Sheila Anderson , Jason Davis (Dock Commander), Marcos Moran and Zane Schwenk (Boat Drivers), Justin Beale and Andrew Masi (MC Duties), Captain Jeff (for filling in at the last minute and being super stoked) and the many youth volunteers to numerous to mention.  As for sponsors, thank you, thank you, thank you to:  South Florida Mastercraft, CWB, Red Bull,  South Florida Watersports, Mullets Skate Shop, Audio Advisors, 5Boards, Play-n-Trade Video Games, Jamilah’s Creative Touch Photography, Broward Motorsports, Alliance Wakeboarding, Hot Shots Paintball, Picture Perfect Roofing, and Professional Concessions.

Last but not least, we took a ton of photos of the event and lots of video, it takes time to put that all together, the pictures above are a taste of some of what was shot.  Much more photos and video will be forthcoming so please check the site often, for the latest and greatest.  Also if you are interested in buying a professional print of a photograph you are in, visit , Jamilah will post when the photographs are ready to view which should be any day now.  Also if you have any photos you would like to share, send them to me at and we will get them set up for viewing.

Till next year, stay stoked and shred the south!!!!

Jimmy / Morgan