Pro Wake Division-Noah Flegel, Troy Wynne, Keenan Allen

The 2010 SFWA Showdown is complete and was a huge success.  On what can only be described as a perfect day weather wise, the crowd was treated to some amazing riding.  Every rider that participated gave it their all and the event was filled with awesome tricks, consistent runs and enjoyable crashes (at least for those watching).   So first and foremost who won?  Here are your winners by division:

Pro Wakeboard

  1. Troy Wynne
  2. Noah Flegel
  3. Keenan Allen

Am Wakeboard

  1. Gordy Cottrell
  2. David Foreman
  3. Ryan Schwartz

Female Wakeboard

  1. Brooke Grassman
  2. Becca Wenz
  3. Christine McFaul


  1. Andrew Fortenberry
  2. Joe “The Joker” Phillips
  3. Kylar Howe

In addition the Just-In-Time Best Trick was awarded to Andrew Fortenberry for his wake to wake frontside big spin, and the Just-In-Time Worst Crash was awarded to Jacob Krigbaum for his toeside frontroll to faceplant.

Everytime we hold an event I leave being wowed by the level of riding.  It is amazing what amatuers are doing behind the Mastercraft X-star.  I can tell you first hand that today’s Professional riders have a crop of young riders right behing them pushing them and threatening to take their spots.   Judging from the large crowd at the event, the wake community recognizes this as well.

In addition, the sponsors were super, providing an excellent opportunity to see the newest in wake related products.  The SFWA winch was in full effect pulling those not competing in the event.  So not a moment was lost during the day.  Finally, for the first time our event was streamed live via the internet as well (thank you specifically to Nick Mohnacky for bringing the SFWA into the 21st century)

These events are not possible without our sponsors so a huge thank you to South Florida Mastercraft,  Motion Watersports, Arrigo Dodge, CWB, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Hurley,  Enoch Surfboards, DNA Energy Drinks, Vitamin Water, Just-In-Time Window Tinting, NachoBizness, Alaska Shaved Ice and LTS Wakeschool.

Finally a big shout out to the volunteers for the event, everyone who helped out (and there are too many to list but they know who they are) helped to make the event run as smooth as possible.

So what about pictures and video.  Pictures are available right now on our Facebook page, so join us there via the homepage on our website.  As picture come in from various sources this is the first place they will be updated.  If your not on Facebook, we will be posting pictures on this site through our flicker account in the next few days.  The event video will be ready in a week or so, so check back.

So there you have it, another successful event.  Now catch your breathe and get ready for Pros and Joes on November 6th, 2010.  The SFWA is moving forward, come join us!!!!!