Thank you for taking the time to visit the South Florida Wakeboarding Association (SFWA) website. The website is designed to bring the wake community of South Florida together by providing a place were people can interact and get up to date knowledge on local and national events in the world of wake sports. The site will be updated frequently and will be the center of all things SFWA.

As for the organization itself, we are officially accepting members and looking to add people who are interested in making South Florida a preeminent wakeboard location (as it should be). So what are we about? What does membership involve? I will tell you……wait a minute, everything you want to know is on this website. So stop reading this and start checking it out. Feel free to look around, comment and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions or comments contact me at sfwake@yahoo.com or any of the other officers listed under the “contact” heading. Until then enjoy the site and enjoy the ride.

Jimmy Beno
SFWA President

Competitive & Recreational Wakeboarding in South Florida

The South Florida Wakeboarding Association (SFWA) is a grassroots organization dedicated to achieving our vision of making South Florida preeminent in the world of competitive, recreational and organized wakeboarding. SFWA’s mission is to advance and service the sport of wakeboarding through education, widespread participation, promotion and sustained excellence in both recreation and competition. The SFWA seeks to promote water related recreational activities, specifically wakeboarding, through the effective implementation of our vision and mission via our objectives.

The objectives of the organization and the activities planned to carry them out are as follows:

  • Promote all wakeboarding activities within South Florida
  • Administer fair, competitive programs at all levels
  • Administer education/training programs at all levels as possible
  • Partner with the industry in the mutual pursuit of growing the sport

Through quarterly meetings and various other “wakeboarding dates”, the SFWA plans to grow its membership by getting people together on the water for fellowship and bonding. This time together will allow the SFWA to promote and education people on the sport while at the same time providing satisfaction to our members through coordination of events.

Throughout the course of the year the SFWA also plans to raise money through fundraisers to include the raffling of donating wakeboarding equipment and various t-shirts sales and car washes. The fundraising events will help to fund the various sporting events of the organization.

The South Florida Wakeboarding Association Inc. – The SFWA is a Non-Profit Corporation under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of Florida. Officers: James B. Beno, President, Michael Wood, Secretary, Michael Baer, Treasurer.

*NOTE* The opinions expressed on this site via our blog post comments are not necessarily our opinions as an organization. We will delete anything that comes to our attention that we consider extreme in its tone. This is however a blog and by it’s nature invites open discussion with regard to any posts. We welcome public input.