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The future of the South Florida Wakeboarding Association (SFWA)…sounds like a scary title doesn’t it?  Well it is not, it is actually the prelude to a major announcement relating the association.  So let’s get to the announcement and then we can talk about how we got here.  Starting with the publishing of this post, the leadership of the SFWA will be changing.  Morgan (Baer) and I (Jimmy Beno) will both be stepping down and handing control (and the future of the SFWA) to Kimber and Rishy Rajoo.  You may know Kimber and Rishy through their production company R2R Productions.  They have both been very active in the wake community over the past several years wth their latest journey being the ultra successful Railapoolza event that was recently held in Orlando.  So what does this mean for the SFWA? We believe it means the first steps on a journey that will involve growing the SFWA to levels beyond what we could have dreamed.  So now that the announcement is out of the way… let’s get to the background.

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Everyone, if you have a moment please check out the following website   This is the brand new home of Motion Watersports!!!  Motion Watersports is the new creation of Morgan Baer, Vice-President of the SFWA.  Motion Watersports offers lessons in anything you can think of relating to water.  Motion Watersports and the SFWA will also be partners on future events.  So please check it out and show some love for Morgan :)

Here’s another great Video of Kyle! >>>>>

The May 2008 Membership Profile is an exciting one to post and present to our members. This individual has been described in Wakeboarding Magazine as an “Up and Coming Rider” and his sponsor (Nike 6.0) recently provided him with the sickest Mastercraft X-Star I have ever seen (see the photo above). I am excited to present Steel Lafferty as the May 2008 Member Profile. Steel’s riding is sick. For those of you that attended the November SFWA Pros and Joes event you were able to see him ride and kill it. Steel is the future of wakeboarding and that future is bright. The SFWA is proud to call Steel and his family members of our organization. Enjoy the Q&A.

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Marcos 1, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

Well it has been awhile since I have posted and I am sorry about. With the lead up to the tournament, the tournament itself and then the post tournament resting period, the website had taken a backseat for a little bit. But that is over and we are now back on track. In the next month, our members can expect a newsletter and a contest for a pretty cool prize (check the website often for this, the annoucement and details of the give away will be revealed soon). In addition, we are going to have a finalized video of the tournament to post pretty soon. Also, if you took pictures at the Pros and Joes event please do not hesitate to mail them to me at

So as we get back into the flow of things I thought it was important to do a member profile. This month’s profile was a pretty easy choice. When the Pros and Joes event begin on Saturday morning we were without a boat driver. This had the potential to be a huge problem. One of our newest members really stepped up big and drove. Not only did he drive, he drove all day, without a break (without food I might also add). This member went above and beyond what we could have asked and for that the SFWA is greatful. This month’s member profile celebrates a member that I think is a shining example of what this organization is about-great friends, great fellowship, helping each other and helping the sport grow in anyway possible. In addition to his help at the tournament this member also spends his days teaching people to wakeboard-if that isn’t dedication to the sport, I don’t know what is. It is with great pride I introduce the December 07 member profile-Marcos Moran. Please read on and don’t hesitate to visit Marcos’ site.

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Dan Kubes on the Double Up, originally uploaded by, SFWAKE

Things have been busy with the SFWA as of late, between planning for the November tournament (Proes and Joes-look for the official announcement next week), planning for the September 8th, 2007 Membership meeting and preparing for Surf Expo in Orlando, I almost forgot the September 07, Member Profile. I did not want to do that so I quickly searched for a member with some free time to fill in the answers to some questions for me. The September 07 Member Profile belongs to Dan Kubes. Dan is a perfect example of what the SFWA is all about. After reading his answers I think you will see that he is passionate about the sport and about our organization. Dan is a very smooth rider and is gifted with a natural ability. I am proud to profile him this month as he is both a SFWA member and a good friend (but not good enough that I would give him a whole month-sorry Dan). So enjoy the Q & A. Without further ado:

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Morgan Baer, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

As we do each month, the SFWA takes the time to celebrate one of our members. Up to this point, it has not been without rhyme or reason that we have selected the members to profile. The first two profiles celebrated members who are establishing themselves within the wakeboarding world as top riders, last month we celebrated the members who are just riding to have fun and this month we are going to celebrate a member who also plays a pivtol role in the support of the SFWA. So again, without further ado, join me in celebrating the August 07 Member Profile-Morgan Baer. Many of you know Morgan, but how well do you really know him? Let’s find out…

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Jake Davis, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

The first two SFWA member profiles detailed three riders who have (or are on their way to) established themselves to some degree within the wake community. This month’s profile is dedicated to the rest of us, the ones who are just starting out and everyday is our championship. When the SFWA was just a thought, it was people like this month’s member profile participant that we had in mind. The amatuer rider looking for a community of riders within South Florida in which they could grow in the sport and met friends along the way. While it is awesome to have super riders that are killing it in the sport, it is also just as nice to have members who are just starting out. So join me in welcoming the July 07 Member Profile-Jake Davis.

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scott_a4.jpg, originally uploaded by South Florida Wake.

As promised, each month the SFWA wants to profile one of our members. Again, the idea is to celebrate the lives of our members and learn a little bit about the people in our association. This month I am very excited to present as the June 2007 Member Profile- Scott Stewart. Scott is a laid back, super chill person with an amazing riding style. He recently tried out to be a Ronix Team rider (I don’t want to ruin the article so read on for how it turned out) and is working hard to learn and complete new tricks (I hear he is close to a 1080-Is that true Scott?) So take some time and learn alittle bit about Scott. Read the rest of this entry »

Melanie and Kayla Chojnacki

Each month on this site, the SFWA is going to profile a member. The idea is to present some of the achievements and stories of our members. If we are going to be a unified voice in the wakeboarding community it would be nice to know each other, right? Since this is the first member profile, I thought it was only fitting to “go big” and profile two members; sisters. It is a pleasure to have these ladies in our organization as they are working hard to establish themselves amongst the best riders in the world. Hopefully, as they grow and succeed, the SFWA can be right there cheering them on. So without further ado, I introduce Kayla and Melanie Chojnacki.

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