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Here is the second Pros and Joes video from this year.  This video includes some pro riding but mainly the Joes.  Again, super sick and thanks to Shawn at for the work.  Visit his site and enjoy his videos :)

Well November 6th is right around the corner and the final list of Pro Riders for the event is set, coming to this year’s event is the following riders (in case you have never seen these guys ride I have attached a clip for you to watch):

  1. Nick Taylor-
  2. Scott Stewart-
  3. Rusty Malinoski-
  4. Andrew Adkison-
  5. Phillip Soven-
  6. Shawn Watson-
  7. JD Webb-
  8. Adam Errington-
  9. Jimmy LaRiche-
  10. Andrew Fortenberry-
  11. Steel Lafferty-
  12. Zane Schwenk-

This is by far the biggest collection of superstars that we have ever had at Pros and Joes!! If you aren’t stoked and excited about the event after reading this list, you need to check your pulse and make sure you are alive.  These guys promise to kill it and put on a show for all involved.  Registration is closed but the event is free to the public, so get everyone you know and DO NOT miss this event.  It is all day, enjoy the riding, the giveaways and our vendors. Let’s make this year’s event the biggest and the best event we have ever had.  Can’t wait to see you on the 6th!!! Stay stoked!!!

Here is the official SFWA Showdown video.   Special thanks to Craig Kotilinek for shooting and putting the video together.  It turned out sick!!!  The flicker photo gallery is updated as well so check those out on the homepage.

Here’s another great Video of Kyle! >>>>>

Lots of you took video …. please send us your YouTube final productions!

Local Wakeskater – Pierre Atruz! 


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Our membership meeting this past Saturday at SkiRixen in Deerfield Beach was a success. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out. I know it was a bad weekend for some with various wake events taking place throughout Florida, but nonetheless we had a good showing and a great time (and an event with no rain for a change). In all we had about twenty or so riders enjoying the park.

The video above shows the good, the bad and the ugly from the day. Enjoy it and let me know what you think (sorry about the lighting in the video-I need a better video camera). Read the rest of this entry »

We just happened to be in Orlando to try out the Flowrider at the Adrenalina shop in the mall. We were surprised to see Wakeboard Pros Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay, Daniel Watkins and Brett Eisenhauer show up for two sessions. Thought you might like to see them in an entirely different water form. The girl you see in the video works at the Adrenalina shop, she rides this thing every day and she totally rips!!