Local Pro/Am Wakeboard/Skate Tournament and Demo Day

Presented By the South Florida Wakeboarding Association,

South Florida MasterCraft and CWB Board Co.

July 11th, 2010 9:00am until Finished

Okeeheelee Park, 7715 Forrest Hill Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL  33411

Do you have what it takes to be the best wakeboarder or wakeskater in South Florida?  Do you want to prove your skills in a good old fashion shootout?  Don’t hesitate!!! Join the South Florida Wakeboarding Association on July 11th, 2010 at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, Florida as we host the SFWA Showdown.  The Showdown is sponsored by South Florida MasterCraft and CWB Board Co. is designed to be a local tournament open to all who want to come out and showcase their wakeboard and wakeskate skills. 

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The 2009 SFWA Pros and Joes Wake event is complete and we are proud to say it was huge success.  The weather was perfect as the temperature hovered around 85 degrees all day with a slight breeze and clear skies.  The crowd was amped with an estimate of almost 1,000 spectators filtering through the event throughout the course of the day.  The vendors and sponsors put on an excellent show as they displayed the latest and greatest products.  Finally, and probably most important, the riding from both the pros and the Joes was unbelievable.   This is the fourth event hosted by the SFWA and with each event the bar is raised and the level of riding showcased is both impressive and a testament to the level of talent in South Florida.

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Hope to see you there! Good way to start the weekend.


The Date is Nov. 14th at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach. Spots are very limited (15-20) this year so get in while you still can.

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[Coastal’s Photos]

Here are our winners!

Team Nick Taylor – Dan Kubes, Prescott Ward, Alex Czajkowski


Below is the Second Place Team!

Team Harrington – Nathan Brown, Travis Cook, Jeff Skulnik

(defending champs from last year!)


As the sun goes down we close out another great event!


Raffle Winner: Jason Van Blaricum!

Thanks so much Jason for donating your winnings to

South Florida Wakeboarding Association,

it’s an unexpected and totally appreciated surprise!

Photos and Video are on the Way! [Coastal’s Photos]

Josh Palm and Collin Harrington (below) with friends!




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Here’s another great Video of Kyle! >>>>>

Great article … SFWA represents!
By Nick Williams, Tampa Tribune:
Published: July 11, 2008

For decades, surfing has been the premier water-based extreme sport. Infinitely linked to the coastal waves of Hawaii and Southern California, surfing has grown into a huge money-making sport with sponsored contests, magazines and even video games.

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2008 Press 142 with Cab Package:
New look, super versatile boot and board combo! Great slider, Cable Wake, fun all-around board! Mike Ennen helped with not only the flex and feel of this series, but the look, as well.  For the first time in LF History they utilized a team rider’s artistic talents to create the graphic.


Flickr Gallery – PHOTOS HERE!

The Final Results . . . ManyThanks . . . and more:

The SFWA 2008 Wake-n-Skate Rail Jam is in the books and by all accounts was a huge success. The weather did not cooperate but we were able to work around it and get in two great days of rail riding. The event hosted 45 of the areas finest wakeboarders and wakeskaters and they did not disappoint the crowd in attendance at the event.

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Lots of you took video …. please send us your YouTube final productions!

Everyone, please check this spot regularly as the rail is getting closer to completion each day. New pictures will be forth coming. Hopefully the rail will be in the water within the next couple of days after the small setback. As you can see the plywood is back on and everything is moving forward. Enjoy. – Jimmy B.


It is simple, you can’t mess with Mother Nature!


It was exicting to see everyone come out for the membership meeting on Saturday. It was by far the best attended membership meeting event we have had to date (upwards of thirty plus members). It is just exciting to think about the direction that this organization is going!!! Unfortunately we weren’t able to ride Saturday because of storms and lighting in the area but it did give us the opportunity to interact with each other and talk about the upcoming event. However, as stated Mother Nature did win out and we had to leave early under dark skies, heavy, heavy rain and lighting. So at this point in the day the score was SFWA 0, Mother Nature 1.

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